Jewelry has a million faces and I'm in love with every single one.

I see it as a personal expression, a symbol, style, but also communication, a developing story or even a sense of belonging. Its function is never only adornment and its true beauty is that the story it tells, never actually stops. It starts with the maker and their initial concept, and it continues with the wearer who builds up on this. With every new context, outfit, night out in town, the jewelry acts as a chameleon reflecting on the wearer’s personality, mood, and style.


My name is Mima Pejoska, and I’m a passionate jewelry designer.

I have over 17 years experience with jewelry, from contemporary jewelry creations to modular smart band designs, all the way to positions as a Jewelry Consultant and overseeing production for custom made pieces. During my career, each new study and place taught me how to approach the world of jewelry and design differently. At the Institute of Anthropology I researched jewelry as part of material culture; as a jewelry designer I treated it as a powerful tool of adornment; and finally during my MFA in Jewelry and Objects for the first time I handled jewelry as an art form conveying endless concepts and ideas. During my studies in Berlin for User-centric design (Design Thinking methodology), my mind expanded even more in terms of brainstorming, development, functionality and prototyping.

Multidisciplinarity is embedded all over my works, and I love dissecting Jewelry from all possible angles. Hence, the range of my interests and creations is quite broad - reaching even conceptual jewelry projects. My absolute favorite work so far is The Stories of the Three Wanderers, an open-ended participatory project - where 3 jewelry pieces traveled the world from host to host, and explored connections like: maker – wearer, past wearer – present wearer, object – person. On the other hand, the body of work that defined me best as a researcher and thinker is The Sensibles. With this collection of over 150 objects and jewelry pieces, my aim was to examine the plurality of experiencing touch - based on alternative materials, techniques and wearable formats.

Depending on the desired goal - my work practice shifts from sketches to 3D modeling as needed, but also crafting prototypes directly on my workbench to get a real feel of the developing work. I’m a warm-blooded, detail oriented person with an innovative spirit, who enjoys pushing materials and processes to another level.