Collection exhibited at A-Gallery in Tallinn, Estonia

and at Slovenian Jewelry Week, Slovenj Gradec

The idea of the existence of the Multiverse fascinates me.

The multiverse is a concept that is based on a hypothetical idea — that multiple universes exist simultaneously, each of which is composed of the same elements that make up our own world. Each parallel world is the same in many respects, but a new world/universe is formed every time someone makes a choice that deviates from a certain trajectory. It’s not that the various worlds in the multiverse exist separately or are identical, but they are all birthed in connection to a previous world. It also continues growing, like a tree and its branches, linked together by its roots.

‘Multiverse’ is a body of work that explores and questions our present world/universe and its possible connections with the other ‘universes’. Without having doubts and regrets about the past, the decisions made and the turns taken - I wonder what our parallel universes look like. How and what we are in them; what separates us and what connects us to them. What versions of ourselves exist out there?

I'm bringing this seemingly intangible idea to my workbench and translate it into something tactile. Something wearable. Stainless steel crochet, silver filigree or a raw metal plate turned into an object ready to be worn. By placing these diverse materials and processes together, I think about Connections and Possibilities between these ‘universes’. Within our world, to our unconscious and conscious being, to each-other. Maybe we are constantly in touch and nearby our ‘other’ realities, and possibly the Alternate Me is always around us. On the workbench, it is comparing the worlds of each structure by thinking of the “life” the metal had before it was crafted. Are the filigree, crochet and metal plate different versions of the same existence?

Multiverse tackles our imagination of the infinite pool of versions of ourselves. Sometimes distant or at times close and still achievable. Just as we see the metal thread being transformed into crochet or filigree... or even melted down into a plate - each action we take in life is a branching new universe.