Jewelry Projects

The Stories of the Three Wanderers

The Stories of the Three Wanderers' is an open-ended project meant to unveil various perspectives of relationships we build with each-other, through or with objects that surround us. It is constructed to be a travel log of three jewelry pieces, that will wander the world for 1 year, from host to host, and collect experiences, stories and adventures. Regardless of our awareness, all things we interact with come with a previously embedded emotion or story, that affects our relationship with it. This log will aim to explore all of these connections: maker – wearer, past wearer – present wearer, object – person. The work itself is the journey of the pieces, changing context and environments, reflecting on host's personality, behaviors, routines. All of the experiences (documented with writings, photographs or videos that hosts will share) from each 'visit' will be collected and regularly published online as a digital diary, presenting how each host adds value and meaning to these little works of art. 

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Design Challenge

The Design Challenge has the vision to encourage young designers and other creative minds from all over Macedonia, to step out of the standard frame of thinking and to embrace the search of new contemporary creative processes and resources.

Through a game that contains certain guidelines and rules, mainly set-backs from techniques and materials commonly used together, the mission is concentrated on giving fun character to this work challenge, that at the same time unites and merges young creatives. Having in mind that the call is open to anybody showing skill, wish for innovation and creativity, yet still everybody step in with a certain individual style, this project will present the chance for opening new horizons in the making but more importantly it will encourage the applicants to develop a completely new and fresh style according to the obstacles.

Created by Mima Pejoska and Jana Acevska