Project Weave done during residency at Loupe, Hong Kong. 2019

All photographs done by Tracy Wong.

'Weave' is a collaborative project in collaboration with Fabrick Lab and international designers, dedicated to rare and beautiful textile crafts from Guizhou, China. Here, tradition that was passed on for generations is slowly reaching a low point, leaving the talented women from these villages with no one to inherited the skills. The Fabrick Lab aims to keep traditional Chinese craft and technique alive, by continuous research. product development activities and collaborative projects like this one.

"The pieces I have created are all made as portraits and simple silhouettes that represent different scenes from the daily lives of the Guizhou women.Each of them crafted in metal, has a piece of the handmade fabric gently integrated in one or two layers, almost like it is inviting for us to unFold it and see what happens next. Even regardless of the fact that fabric sits below the metal, it clearly holds the throne and attention. As the Women of Guizhou too!My goal was not only to create works that are dedicated to the unique fabrics and dying craft, but to dedicate them to the heroines in the ‘UnFolded’ tale."

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